Remembering Ayo Odebisi: His Lessons

Remembering Ayo Odebisi (Paramole): His Lessons

It has been one year since Ayo Odebisi went on another kind of going abroad trip. When I heard and looked at his photo, I saw more the love and friendship we had. With spontaneity, I tried to reach out to him. I named him “Jimmy”. All the people I love I give pet names. Paramole’s has been the only posthumous instance. In the eulogy “I Will not Mourn for Ayo Odebisi (Paramole),“ I wrote what many have said encapsulated his life and what he represented on one page. I will not repeat such here. What I valued most about Odebisi was his perspicacious construction of eudaimonia in the image of the 4-7 Creed, the Creed of the Pyrates. His approach to creating a better society could never have been more sincere or practical, but it somehow remains lofty to many. (more…)

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Understanding Akpunwaism

Understanding Akpunwaism

Akpunwaism is a cultural reaction to defeat and the subaltern status of an ethnic or regional group within a state. Akpunwaism is unique to the Igbo ethnic group, but its manifestation is not exclusive to it. The Japanese and Germans have their unique forms of Akpunwaism as a reaction to their defeat and domination by the Allied Forces during and after World War II. Many wars have produced the same in other parts of the world, but with varied approaches and circumstances. Misunderstood, the portrayal of Akpunwaism by other Nigerians is as a composite of greed and domination by the Igbo man and woman. To the Igbo people, on the contrary, it is a necessary and peaceful approach to both survival and prosperity. One then wonders what Akpunwaism is after all. (more…)

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Yankius on the Sweetness of Sex

Yankius: Heeeyyy!!! Prickson, himself! The Sexual Man! Expert on Practical Urology! How you doing, Brother? You look so happy, man! Another sweet honey don confuse you?

Prickly Heat: I just tested HIV negative. The test was requested for the new job I will start in the Middle East. I was really scared but I have come out all okay. God is great. (more…)

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Nigeria Decivilising: Governance by Self-Hating Leaders

The complete metamorphosis of the butterfly is a thoroughly adequate analogy for civilisation: the gradual progression from egg to slug to pupa to imago [the beautiful butterfly]. In the Nigerian context, it starts with the colonised state to the inexperienced independent nation-state to transitional nation-state to strong state. The furthest stage Nigeria ever go to was the ugly butterfly that never blossomed. However, after the initial euphoria of the return to democracy, it is now evident that Nigerian politicians and clergy are busy reversing the progress of the nation back into the stage of a slug as a consequence of their thefts and misrule; it suits them well. But does it suit the everyday citizens? (more…)

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Nigeria Needs a Fearsome Electorate
Courtesy Tope Asokere

Nigeria Needs a Fearsome Electorate

Nigeria Needs a Fearsome Electorate

Nigerians have, with habitual ease, allowed corrupt leaders and kakistocrats to enter positions of power and govern them. Either through coup d’état or fraudulent ballots. Then the resultant dissatisfaction they leave for even worse leaders to manage next time around. The cycle of corrupt leader to bad leader to worse leader has thus become a solid and stable equilibrium in the nation. Escaping, it seems unlikely. Most Nigerians wonder without end how to break the habit. Or bad elections end in order for good leaders to come into power. Then leaeders can foster best governance possible in the society. All by itself, this is a very mistaken expectation. (more…)

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Oppression: Some Questions

Oppression: Some Questions

Knowing that one is living with oppression is a blessing whenever it decides to come. Not knowing it is a curse that will forever leave one much worse off. – Guynes

Before attempting to answer a few interesting questions arising from readers of the article Oppression: A Metaphor for the Nigerian Youth (, it is important to explain a simple taxonomy of oppression.


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