The Bad Brother’s Nemesis

The Otuka (a.k.a. Akan da Eniyan) is born into this world very lonely, living on his own terms, mostly, he misunderstands everyone else, he is misunderstood by everyone else. For those he encounters everyone else is his challenge and he is everyone else’s challenge. Trouble? His life is never easy even if gifted, successful, powerful or content and is harder when this is not the case. He, as the intersection of misunderstandings cannot find a like mind as others naturally e.g. like thieves and drunkards do. What frustration, yet he thrives.

He seems to enjoy strife and misfortune, sometimes it is all he has got in his face or on his plate. Where angels fear to tread is his safest footpath. What the powerful dread to say is his morning hymn. What men of ability will not do for big rewards he will gladly do for free. “Who the hell is this man, who does he thinks he is?”, his peers ask about him. The Otuka does not know the answer and most hardly ever escape the wrath of those who question his existence and his habits. Life crushes him daily and unrelentingly but he remains uncrushed. What a life, yet his resolve is undaunted.

Only if he could find someone he share a mutual understanding of self with. Unfortunately, he does not know how. Then in his many encounters with adversity, persecution in particular, he and a like mind finally identify each other, simply by being caged together and recognising each others odonperity. Such recognition is not identified by shows of strength, skill, daring or cunning, any man can exhibit such dramas when cornered or desperate. Odonperity is an almost naïve bearing of witness to the human spirit in its sheer nakedness. What sentience, somehow it is all that matters.

The joy of the meeting of two or more Otukas in one place [if it endures] rapidly expresses itself as the face of misery on the heads and skulls of wicked and evil men. When Otukas get together, as rarely as it ever happens, years and decades of misunderstanding swiftly transforms into a body of constructive understanding many cannot even comprehend, to match it is just too difficult. The wickedness and evil, sometimes monumental sometimes heinous, that had persistently sought the Otuka’s expiry soon unravels dramatically when he is no longer alone in spirit. To the Otuka, it feels like destiny, to bad men it feels like pervasive misfortune. What a reversal, it is like that sometimes.

Odonperity even in small teams of men [just two is sufficient] is an awesome force and naturally annihilating to evil, it is the raw human spirit that has mastered metier of survival in the face of transience and destructive forces. The human spirit is one with nature and just as the tumult of Mother Earth produces volcanoes, hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes and ice ages, odonperity devastates the hearts and consciences of unclean men through many entry points and with many variations in impact. The emerging misunderstandings create the greatest uncertainty and the trailing powerlessness offers the greatest pain for the filthy spirited goons. What retribution, it was well deserved.

Odonperity is never a problem for the good hearted, at worst it awes them.

Lest us toast to the pure human spirit, that is often found only by the results of the lynch-mobbing of the chosen by those who bear it in very diminished and thoroughly impure forms. Take one shot of ogogoro, take two or three.


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