The Bad Brothers Nemesis

The Bad Brothers Nemesis

The Otuka (a.k.a. Akanda Eniyan) is born into this world very lonely, living on his terms, mostly. He misunderstands everyone else; he is someone everyone else misunderstands. For those he encounters, everyone else is his challenge, and he is everyone else’s challenge. Trouble? His life is never easy even if gifted, successful, influential or content and is harder when this is not the case. He, as the intersection of misunderstandings, cannot find a like mind as others naturally, e.g. as thieves and drunkards do. What frustration! Yet he thrives.


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Yankius on Buhari’s Betrayal of Southern Nigerians

Yankius: Shukus, what’s gwan? Why you squeeze face like corner of anus when diarrhoea don distress small?

Shukuli: You rap shit always so no surprise in your welcome, ode. Just see how Buhari betray Southern Nigerians internationally. Can you image? Buhari serious tell the World Bank make them develop Northern Nigeria leave South behind. Meanwhile, Southerners dey support Buhari like dense slaves. Southerners are born fools, you know. (more…)

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Uber’s License: A Nigerian Interest

The Uber License: A Nigerian Interest

In the UK and the USA, the spectre of Nigerians achieving academic excellence in institutions of higher learning everywhere has increasingly etched for itself a significant space in the folklore of immigration. Such widespread excellence is even used with dubious effect to show how Blacks born in America or in the UK are simply lazy, unambitious and even of criminal disposition. This is certainly the Hegemon’s and Black Conservative’s comfort; one side of an overstated story. The prospect of Uber, the mobile app taxi business, losing its UK licence for gross corporate irresponsibility exposed a most understated side of the story in a shockwave. (more…)

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Yankius on Buhari vs IPOB

Pepper Rest: I just wonder why Buhari go brand IPOB as terrorist organisation when they no do any terror, not even a single act. IPOB are even the victims of continuous state terror. I am sure Buhari is running scared and desperate, that’s why resorted to such low tactics. (more…)

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The “Babangida Must Go” Protests

The “Babangida Must Go” Protests: A Missed Opportunity for Revolution

Young, obscure student leaders in 1989 led the best chance of a revolution Nigeria had at the University of Benin campus in May 1989. These young leaders staged a protest that became famous as the “Anti-SAP Riots”. This protest-turned-riot spilt into Benin-City and with pace to other cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan. The masses were behind the student protesters with an incredible firmness. The people bought the persuasive message of the obscene leadership corruption and thoroughgoing military repression. However, it was a rejection of neoliberalism. The free-market Structural Adjustment Policies (SAP) Babangida introduced was merciless in impoverishing most Nigerians and spurred the citizenry. The people and the student protest were one people with a united aim. Guns borne of the repressive military regime no longer frightened the masses; they had nothing left to lose. (more…)

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Is the Expected Revolution in Nigeria Possible?

Is the Expected Revolution in Nigeria Possible?

Many talking points in Nigeria and diaspora focus ever more on the undeniable necessity for a ‘proper revolution’ to happen. Revolution seems to be necessary to with decisiveness sort out the poly-faceted corruption and misgovernance entrenched in it. Such is withering away the country beyond recognition. Otherwise, talk of revolution is good for expressing various dimensions of despair. Notwithstanding, they do not represent the realities of revolution in the everyday chatter. The truth of it appears to be tacit and hiding in several brains. A thoroughgoing political revolution has a high cost that involves mass coordination, mass murder, mass destruction and mass deception [propaganda]; are Nigerians ready for that? How possible is it?

Lest we forget, younger people take revolution in any sphere of activity as a workable challenge. Accordingly, young people change the world every day. (more…)

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