The Leadership, Bad Brother 6

The Leadership of a Bad Brother – 6

Boiss dey! Boiss always do right where the Bad Brother has done evil, and they invariably succeed in the end. The tables have now turned for the better, and the seating arrangements have changed for good as they should have a very long time ago. Not until the revolution is complete do guynes believe it.

Boiss have chosen “facelessness” to tackle the inimical leadership of the Bad Brother, and it is so wonderful. Why is it so wonderful? The Bad Brother who by birth or choice, has continuously endeavoured to do evil to others, especially those who trust, respect and love him the most. He succeeds because his vileness, niggardliness and viciousness mostly fall on soft or pleasant places; he is cautious with those like-minded to him. The Bad Brother works treachery, betrayal and duplicity on his targets, spying on them and feeding them with well-crafted misinformation to keep them ignorant or even foolish. He infiltrates and contaminates everything he desires to control.

The favourite stratagem of the Bad Brother is to “label” his targets and then forces them to live up to the label. He calls them “trouble maker” if he wants to bash them. “Controversial” if he wants to silence them. “Lazy” if he wants to work them. “Stingy” if he wants to milk them. “Arrogant” if he wants to humble them. “Aggressive” if he wants to pacify them. Labels are great software in is his misbegotten arsenal.

When Boiss have had enough of the Bad Brother’s reign of ‘chancing’, they return the favour of destructiveness and subversion energetically but not directly. Boiss become “faceless” and ready. You can see them in broad daylight Yet, you cannot tell what they up to or whose side they are on. The Bad Brother soon knows, very well, that he is experiencing counter-infiltration and surveillance. But he does not see the face of who, the face of Boiss. The abounding insecurities and fears of the Bad Brother that perhaps made him evil in the first place, further makes him seek out the obvious suspects, but the obvious is innocent.

Boiss have taken their time to prepare the takeover and made no mistakes, hopefully. This poses an overwhelming challenge for the Bad Brother and his crew. Since they are too much of egotists and cowards to handle it with a rational response. The least likely suspects of counter-infiltration are the most likely to be “the ones”, yes. Go detect them! We dare you!

The Bad Brother suffers persistent bouts crushing self-doubt and frustration in the realisation of the two-sidedness of a once utterly one-sided order of things. He now knows what it feels like to betray and sacrifice those who gave him their best with much love and sincerity. He cannot trust anyone now, the situation is too tricky. The secrecy of his secret meetings become public knowledge. His evil traps made for men that used to work so well now only catch stale air. Bluffs that once caused guys nightmares are called out with contempt. The lies so well-fabricated get swatted like lazy flies. Supercilious commands now become grovelling pleas; Overbearing voices become uncertain stutters. It is the stuff of a genuinely chastising sober awakening, unfortunately, medicine after necrosis.

The Bad Brother who once gave labels with impunity to targets to oppress and repress them is now confesses the labels that fit him best. Not to do so will be like jumping out of an airborne plane without a parachute. Their acceptance of a label is the parachute necessary to save the Bad Brother from his calamitous fall from a false lofty station (in their minds). The promiscuity for sympathy from all others by the Bad Brother is almost maniacal and thoroughly comical. He does not know the face of Boiss, but he knows they see him. His declasse domination ironically can only be soothed by all the sympathy he can get. Do!

Boiss have provisionally gained ascendancy and remain faceless. If Boiss were to act swiftly to reset the realm, they would meet with counter-resistance. As such they take power in a slow, imperceptible but robust fashion. Boiss behave like a body of water that does not shrink from any obstacle it encounters in its path but always retains its consistency and reliability. It is as if the realm of the Bad Brother is soaked or flooded with water. However, it is just faceless men who are taking over. Confirmed – 29/03/2017

Grimot Nane

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