The ASUU Strike and the Crapious Revolution 1

The ASUU Strike and the Crapious Revolution 1

The What?

“Revolution is believed in only after it has been accomplished.” – Book of Changes, Hexagram 49

Strikes by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) in Nigeria is a regular occurrence. Since 1999, ASUU has been on strike for a total of 63 months (or 5 years). So, Nigerians take or overlook it as one of those things; “It will end in a few months,” they say. Not this time. The five-month-old ASUU Strike 2022 is  shaping up as a shock-disaster for the Government of Nigeria (GON). The support of the strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is not good news for the GON. The conditions for the never imagined crapious revolution have arrived in Nigeria for some time and the ASUU Strike is the probable flash point. (more…)

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The “Babangida Must Go” Protests

The “Babangida Must Go” Protests: A Missed Opportunity for Revolution

Young, obscure student leaders in 1989 led the best chance of a revolution Nigeria had at the University of Benin campus in May 1989. These young leaders staged a protest that became famous as the “Anti-SAP Riots”. This protest-turned-riot spilt into Benin-City and with pace to other cities in Nigeria, including Lagos, Port Harcourt and Ibadan. The masses were behind the student protesters with an incredible firmness. The people bought the persuasive message of the obscene leadership corruption and thoroughgoing military repression. However, it was a rejection of neoliberalism. The free-market Structural Adjustment Policies (SAP) Babangida introduced was merciless in impoverishing most Nigerians and spurred the citizenry. The people and the student protest were one people with a united aim. Guns borne of the repressive military regime no longer frightened the masses; they had nothing left to lose. (more…)

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Is the Expected Revolution in Nigeria Possible?

Is the Expected Revolution in Nigeria Possible?

Many talking points in Nigeria and diaspora focus ever more on the undeniable necessity for a ‘proper revolution’ to happen. Revolution seems to be necessary to with decisiveness sort out the poly-faceted corruption and misgovernance entrenched in it. Such is withering away the country beyond recognition. Otherwise, talk of revolution is good for expressing various dimensions of despair. Notwithstanding, they do not represent the realities of revolution in the everyday chatter. The truth of it appears to be tacit and hiding in several brains. A thoroughgoing political revolution has a high cost that involves mass coordination, mass murder, mass destruction and mass deception [propaganda]; are Nigerians ready for that? How possible is it?

Lest we forget, younger people take revolution in any sphere of activity as a workable challenge. Accordingly, young people change the world every day. (more…)

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The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Face Six

The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Face Six

Boiss dey! Boiss always do right where the Bad Brother has done evil, and they invariably succeed in the end. The tables have now turned for the better, and the seating arrangements have changed for good as they should have a very long time ago. Not until the revolution is complete do guynes believe it.


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A Response to “#30PercentOrNothing”

Be bold for the children of everybody and look well! It will improve our judging tomorrow” – Dan Bearman in Therefore Be Bold (by Herbert Gold)

The young do not know enough to be prudent, and therefore they attempt the impossible and achieve it, generation after generation”. – Pearl S Buck

I support the 30PercentOrNothing movement and like its logic of participation; if the youth do not get involved in politics as voters and especially candidates they have only themselves to blame. I will rather be wrong than dismiss real and necessary potential if I can identify it or be persuaded to it. I am not naïve enough to believe the movement will succeed in its mission but I am giving it a fair chance of success. (more…)

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