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When the realm governed by the Bad Brother is hollowed out from the inside by the purposeful preponderance of evil, excesses and abuses to the point everything that held it together is so polluted and its rules irreparably unenforceable, a power vacuum is created. That is the art of negotiating oneself out of power by sloth. Folly. The high and mighty in society that once gave credibility and legitimacy to the realm turn their honourable backs and conveniently depart gradually  if they were not expelled earlier; the least among men devoid of rectitude, creativity and intelligence then come into ascendance and potentially power by way of hunter-gather style ambition. The realm then gets hollowed out further till the skin breaks from the inside to the surface. Only the memories remain and the smell. (more…)


“Bird’s got something to teach us all; About being free, yeah; Be no rain… Be no rain…” – Gil Scott-Heron, from the lyrics, I Think I’ll Call It Morning

I refer to myself an Opintar and many think it is a fun name or of vernacular because they cannot google it; it is not. Being an Opintar is an apt description of my lot in life and how I should or do live it. Opinterity is the closest I will ever know of being liberated and of happiness, yet it is not a great thing to be. I have joined some organisations and fraternities that defiantly preach the ‘liberation of man and society’ but they are cesspools of anti-liberation by means of polite evil, duplicity and racketeering. Are such groups different from families or nations? The unliberated will rush to say yes, and a few will be right. All life is not oppressive or evil but all of life is constrained and needs liberation as a criterion of creation. (more…)