The Leadership of a Bad Brother

The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Angle 4

The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Angle 4

Everyday people in this everyday world of ours bear witness to everyday evil and wickedness. Every single day, direct or indirect. To be consistent and confident in nefarious acts, one has to have some sort of power and loads of impunity to float it. Spectacular evil in the name of power is something we see on television. It is carried out by large organisations and many rich countries of the world with thoughts of empire in question. Or do extremists exact it? How about the non-spectacular evils of the power-seeking bullies that affect us in insidious ways every day? The fourth instalment of The Leadership of a Bad Brother is further emphatic witness;

“I will poison him” is the most common threat voiced to opponents (usually Boiss) by unexpected devastation to losers of power. That is, in non-voluntary organisations with cultic leanings. They do not utter direct threats, but transmitted through third parties. The bad leader (and his inner circle) who has with much care, built his power base with evil cunning and underhandedness unobstructed, learns to feel over-secure. Such is the outcome of a purposeful material build-up of power.

Boiss eventually uses material thoughts and actions to cleanse the organisation of such a terrible human being and his cohorts. The defeats are so unanticipated, comprehensive, final and irreversible. Black magic becomes attractive to the pitiable loser, as a trident of revenge, face-saving and redemption. Nothing! Bad leaders have to spend as much money as they can afford on dark esoteric interventions. Again Nothing! Death and severe illness become the new portions of fate for the bad leader. What a way to end up. – 20/07/2016

The cloak of religion has indeed suffered an unenviable fate at the hands of bad principals, and it is simple to observe for convenience through snapshots. ‘Knight of the Catholic Church.’ He brags in the open that will seek lethal black magic to obliterate his legitimate opponents. The Deacon in the Reformed Church. Who, by sleeping with the wife and thus destroys the family of his close friend. He threatens the cuckold that if not for the fact he was a Christian, he would have killed him!

The Pastor in the Grace-is-Us Church. Who pours acid over the hard drives of several computers after a reconcilable dispute. The Evangelist of Instant Miracle Ministries He thinks, proclaims, and behaves like God himself has given him the right to be evil and irresponsible. These devious religious pretenders all have one real cloak: doing evil and being called “Sir”, “Evangelist” or whatever is supposed to be prestigious.- 22/07/2016

Purposeful wickedness and testicular fortitude are not the same things. More politically correct, sociopathic tyranny and courage are not the same things. Conflation works well for evil. The wicked and the sociopath are scavengers of opportunity. Furthermore, most of the opportunities created by the effects of good people in society. Courage shows forth as most reliable in the face of a paucity of opportunity, extraordinary times.

Nevertheless, the bad leader as created seeks opportunities fast. And with jealousy exhausts the ‘just’ to compensate for their insatiable insecurities. Till the courageous Boiss comes along. Boiss emerges or arrives ultimately, balance. The becraped bad leaders are too insecure to accept losses. Their loss simply serves to make them more bad next time. But only if the ‘opportunities’ present themselves. Opportunities! Closing down the possibilities of a bad leader is to exclude him, farewell. To understand this dynamic is a capacity that is ever useful; learn how to do it. – 10/08/2016.

One monumental, interesting thing about predators in power is the “punishment reports and announcements.” They often issue them within their jurisdictions. These unnecessary verbose written punishments are desperate attempts to convince the predators themselves that their wickedness is “fair and just.” Instead of being punishments and retributions to often innocent targets, they expose the insecurities, fears, inadequacies, malice, vindictiveness, envy and jealousy of the issuer. The sanctions are hollers that emanate from the depravities of their egos and reveal just that, without effort.

‘Public relations for thyself’ but with unintended consequences, well-deserved nemesis. If it is clear one is guilty, their published punishments are precise. But they do not issue many of those. These published reports also inform the readership that everything one does in the eyes of the predator is a potential trap. Imagine someone being sanctioned and expelled from an organisation because he purchased cases of canned Heineken instead of bottled Heineken for a social event. And the use of 800-word verbiage to justify it. Yes! – 11/08/2016.

Despite the severe hurt or abuse inflicted on a chosen ‘target’ by administrators the elder look on. Some do-gooding elders, superiors or peers have the exceptional but hypocritical habit of moralising his pain away. Well, in favour of “perfect adherence” to the organisational rules. The tenets, philosophy and the hallowed official powers of the inflictor. Moralising the pain away serves to exacerbate the distress of the target because it brazenly/callously holds the target culpable even if the injustice is obscene. “You should know the ‘Boss’ has so much power.” “We all have suffered this., “Forget your pain and let us move forward”, “Don’t you think you deserved it?” These are the predictable responses of elders to the complaints of the target. To be long-suffering, patient, forgiving and accepting is the virtue invariably demanded in such situations. Anger, retaliation, regret and self-defence emphatically abhorred.

Yet, “those” who moralise away the pain of others so lightly are hypocrites. They easily exhibit formidable indignation and severe pain, when precisely the same thing happens to them. Even, they swear to bring down the powers that be and walk the path of deadly revenge. Such habits partly explain how good (and bad) men volunteer themselves freely to further the evil of their leaders under moral pretexts/ignorance. Bianimikaley! – 12/08/2016.

Grimot Nane

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