The Leadership of a Bad Brother – Level Seven

When the realm governed by the Bad Brother is hollowed out from the inside by the purposeful preponderance of evil, excesses and abuses to the point everything that held it together is so polluted and its rules irreparably unenforceable, a power vacuum is created. That is the art of negotiating oneself out of power by sloth. Folly. The high and mighty in society that once gave credibility and legitimacy to the realm turn their honourable backs and conveniently depart gradually if they were not expelled earlier. The least among men devoid of rectitude, creativity and intelligence then come into ascendance and potentially power by way of hunter-gather style ambition. The realm then gets hollowed out further till the skin breaks from the inside to the surface. Only the memories remain and the smell.

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The Confessions of A Post-Impotent Guy


The guy [who confessed] was overcome by frustration, hopelessness, sadness and non-existent self-esteem. The problem he had was quite unusual or perhaps very usual, but it deflated him. He found out overnight for some strange reason and maybe exacerbated by diabetes that he was impotent, yes impotent. In his own eyes, he was no longer a man. A few women who had fancied him quickly gave him up when he failed them with non-performance at a time when his stature, muscles, looks and height, at face value, wildly suggested he was capable of gonad-watering performances.

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