Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 12 – Corporate Delusions

“We are bigger than U.S. Steel” many members of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities) in Nigeria will tell you, vaingloriously about their “brotherhood”. Do not take such folly seriously; it is evidence the ‘mask of sanity’ fraternities has fallen off the cliff that once held them so high. However, now they see themselves as large facsimile corporations. Just as on LinkedIn, you will see corporations that have thousands of employees, UCGFs make favourable comparisons with such organisations based on their thousands of members.

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Fraternal Psychopathy as Charity

One growing and disturbing phenomenon of Nigerian university campus grown fraternities (UCGFs) is their transformation into “charities”. It is a purely psychopathic phenomenon, set up by psychopaths purely for the benefits of a cabal of psychopaths who run these fraternities. It is just another ruse for fraternities to hit the goodwill of funders of charitable agencies with criminal and fraudulent activities in the name of do-gooding. Continue reading

A Response to “Nigerian Confraternities: Names, Symbols & Deductions”
In “The Ontology of the African II: Youth” I give a summary of confraternities in Nigeria.
The names “Pirate” and “Buccaneer”, synonyms, both come out of the adventure story Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stephenson which the foundations of the both the Pyrates (Seadogs) and Buccaneer Confraternities are derived – nomenclature, symbols, contexts etc. Pirates and buccaneers were originally “armed robbers operating at sea”, in this context, on behalf of King or Queen and country. Those were the days when gold, silver and diamonds were the most precious of things (treasures) on the planet and nations had no qualms stealing such from other countries repatriating them from colonies.

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