Muslim Hegemony Through Education

Muslim Hegemony Through Education

We wrote the articles Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? ( and The Complaints: Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? ( Many took it as mischief with a keyboard or a pen. Muslims deny any attempts at an Islamisation of Nigeria. And Christians compatriots said it was neither possible nor even thinkable. As I have said before, the Islamisation of Nigeria will be ‘structural’ or ‘institutional’, not ‘martial’ as some unwittingly expect. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) is now being completely removed as a subject from the national academic curriculum, while Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) and Arabic Studies (AS) remain. Why not ban the Use of English Language from the curriculum too? History as a subject has been absent from the curriculum for many years now. (more…)

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Pastor Suleiman is Carrying the Can for CAN

It is highly regrettable that the controversial Christian clergyman, Johnson Suleiman, of the Omega Fire Ministries International used a sermon at his church at a Sunday service to practically incite violence against Fulani Herdsmen. It was a tit-for-tat statement, not the stuff of Christian preacher. He knew what he was doing, but his remarks might fail the “Brandenburg Test” making them speech offences. In a nation were at least half of the 170 million citizens are very angry but also very helpless about the Fulani Herdsmen problem, the question is how much blame can we ascribe to Suleiman for his unfortunate sermon? (more…)

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Why is Anyone Surprised at the #SouthernKadunaGenocide?

Southern Kaduna Massacres are the stuff Nigeria is made of. Before anyone dismisses such a claim, we have to examine the pervasive ‘value of life’ in Nigeria to both ordinary citizens and the government as well as the cost of ‘taking life’ in Nigeria; ‘life’ here mainly refers to that of the ‘underdog’ [the weaker Nigerian by dichotomy]. Religion and oil politics have led to the biggest massacres in Nigeria’s history, including the Civil War, but life is taken daily with sudden and unexpected spontaneity everywhere in the country for innumerable reasons, some totally inane. Tragically, unless the United Nations, Amnesty International or some heavyweight foreign NGO takes interest in the matter, Nigeria’s leaders, politicians and intellectuals simply ignore the problem. The White Man’s Burden all over again, in another dimension?


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Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? 2

Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? 2

How will the Northerners and other Nigerians react to a political outcome like “The 17 Southern Governors Decide Fulani Herdsmen to Carry Biometric Licenses in Their States?” Or “The South-South Governors Decide Non-Indigenes Are Required To Renew Their Work Permits Every 2 Years?” The Constitution (1999) of Nigeria will come alive with fireworks! What a bifurcated country.

I wrote the article about the realities and not fictions of the unconstitutional attempt of Nasir El-Rufai and 19 Northern Governors (see No one is above the Constitution of Nigeria. I made some omissions for the article not to be too long. And this has created room for misinterpretation and some complaints which I will address. (more…)

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Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria?

Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria?

The recent pronouncements made by Nasir El-Rufai, Governor of Kaduna State, astonished many. He said he intends to “regulate” religion by banning the “unlicensed places of worship” of Christians in his state. This campaign has caused many Christians to take the threat of Islamisation more seriously than ever. The threat was further escalated to an ‘imminent level.’ This was the outcome of a recent forum meeting for the 19 Northern Nigerian State Governors. They unanimously decided in favour of regulating Christianity in their respective states. Is the “One Nigeria” doctrine again under the serious threat of failing for religion’s sake? (more…)

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