The Portrait of a Nigerian Druggie Youth

Take a very good look at the photograph. In the photograph you can see the portrait of a young teenager in a blue T-shirt (the Boy in blue) attempting to light up a reefer. He is closely surrounded by peers eager for him to do it because if he does they can too. There is some apparent awe for the Boy in blue by his mates; he is their leader by choice or nature. He is definitely not from a privileged background and neither are his peers but they look up to him. Leaders instinctively know their followers expect them to be first movers and hardly backdown. With the provision of privilege or means he could be a future captain of industry, senator, Anglican bishop, colonel, principal or publisher. Who really knows? What will be the use of the Boy in blues’ leadership appearance or qualities in the present and future Nigeria society? Who exactly is the Boy in blue and where can he be found? Continue reading

DSF UK: Deltans in London Celebrate Summer in Style

DSF UK Barbecue Main

On the 20th of July, I attended what I would describe as a wonderful and very exciting open air event organised by the Delta State Forum UK (DSF UK) based in London England. It was their 3rd Annual Summer DSF UK Barbecue. Very meticulously planned it was all-comers-welcome barbecue party held in Burgess Park, Camberwell, London. The ambience at the barbecue was truly infectious and very friendly facilitated by the hot summer weather, the presence of countless interesting people and lots of surprises. The event had a casual style and appeared to have something for everyone. It was a perfect way to celebrate the best feel of the Delta life in one event, abroad. (To see photos – Continue reading

The Important Lesson from #FasholaGate: Face, Name and Object


Usually, corruption scandals in Nigeria are typically “nameless” and “faceless” after the fact. The best ‘name and face’ a member of public or even a prosecutor usually gets is that of an individual(s) who acts as a ‘representative’ for any given scandal that covers if not ignores the names and faces of the numerous other individuals that co-participated in the act. Is such not like dying for the corruption of all one’s followers? However, it is one major reason why corruption persists in Nigeria. Continue reading

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