Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 9

The existence, approaches and attitudes of the UCGF in everyday matters as well and unusual ones is bifurcated in many senses. Probably the worst form of bifurcation most visible in the conduct of the leadership of UCGFs are their attitudes towards freedom of speech especially criticisms or critiques. In keeping with their “advertised” ideals, tenets and intentions, the leadership of UCGFs find it very easy and expedient to make audacious press releases that brazenly critique or question the failures, incompetence and crimes of the government of the day but are equally extremely punitive and vindictive towards their own members who are brave or naïve enough to point out theirs. What is the place of ‘freedom of speech’ in the traditions and culture of UCGFs? Continue reading

Wikileaks Leaks – So Very Ordinary?

If wikileaks has leaked nothing of the confidential and classified information relating to the workings, conditions and decisions of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, exploitation-driven genocides in the Third World, the arms trade, genetically modified foods, corruption, regime change, insurgency sponsorship et al, then it has said nothing of significant importance i.e. to anyone who properly understands history, international relations and human nature. So where is the extraordinary news from the leaks? Continue reading

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