Fuel Scarcity and Other Curses

If it is true that countries can be ‘cursed’, Nigeria’s most prominent curse will be constantly having “Good Leaders Surrounded By Strictly Evil Men”. It does not matter if these Good Leaders turn out to be thieves or incompetents, they remain Good Leaders. Another prominent curse on Nigeria would be “Political Treachery In High Places”.  The way Nigerian politicians betray each other and the political parties they made their fortunes from perpetually beggars belief. These two curses become rolled into one when considering the fuel scarcity crisis and power supply failures punishing Nigeria at the moment. Egnahc is not helping! (more…)

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Buhari: Prince of Thieves

Buhari: Prince of Thieves

President Buhari has searched and decided. The Department of State Services (DSS) has done its screening and clearing of candidates. Furthermore, and the Nigerian Senate has accepted and announced the candidates for a long-awaited “ministerial list.” Alas, its leader, Buhari, has deceived the Nigerian nation and spat upon them. Habit or rhetoric is not “CHANGE”. (more…)

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