Biafra in the Mid-West: A Missing History?

MW Nigeria

If one asks the everyday person from Edo or Delta States, which make up the now defunct Mid-West region or Bendel State, or anyone from the rest of Nigeria who Albert Okonkwo was, probably much less than 1% would know the answer. Many would ask why they should know who Albert Okonkwo was in the first place. But why not?

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Fraternities Are Viruses in Nigeria

UCGF Photo

There many university campus grown fraternities (UCGFs) in Nigeria today, some old and some new, but they all claim to be the “saviours” of the Nigerian society. Their claims for existence and continuity are noble but utterly false. These fraternities now have websites if visited present the public with their own uninspired equivalent of the Ten Commandments; their own prescriptions for a just, moral or egalitarian society; their own apocryphal histories; their own charities and do-gooding; their own claims to elitism and their own critiques of the government. Non-believers are not convinced. Continue reading

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