Muslim Hegemony Through Education

Muslim Hegemony Through Education

We wrote the articles Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? ( and The Complaints: Getting Ready to Islamise Nigeria? ( Many took it as mischief with a keyboard or a pen. Muslims deny any attempts at an Islamisation of Nigeria. And Christians compatriots said it was neither possible nor even thinkable. As I have said before, the Islamisation of Nigeria will be ‘structural’ or ‘institutional’, not ‘martial’ as some unwittingly expect. Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK) is now being completely removed as a subject from the national academic curriculum, while Islamic Religious Studies (IRS) and Arabic Studies (AS) remain. Why not ban the Use of English Language from the curriculum too? History as a subject has been absent from the curriculum for many years now. (more…)

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Must Nigerians Defend Illegal Arms Dealers? II

The rumour that ex-militant leader Alhadji Mujahid Dokubo-Asari and politician Felix Idiga, both enriched by Niger Delta government resources, were the Nigerians caught with $9.3 million by the South African Government (SAG) in a jet owned by Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor is a fact. (more…)

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