Wole Soyinka and Traditional Forgiveness?


After innumerable citizens indigenous to Lagos and the South-West in Nigeria roundly criticised traditional ruler Rilwan Akiolu, the Oba of Lagos, for his unfortunate ‘warning to the Igbos’, one should be impressed that there is hope in Nigeria even though not immediately convincing. The warning the Oba meted bordered on vicious tribalism and tribal cleansing. It demonstrated social and political maturity and sensibility in the South West that is alive, sensitive and robust. Wole Soyinka, who is Nigeria’s most influential intellectual, did not say a word. Continue reading

Oba Akiolu and King Zwelithini: Different Persons, Different Subjects


I am shocked crapious that certain people are making strong and equivalent comparisons between Oba Akiolu and King of Zululand for recent ethnocentric utterances they have made. There is no comparison in their cases, personally and demographically. There are different logics to the utterances. Continue reading

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