Nigeria: Loans For Unsolicited Proposals

Nigeria: Loans For Unsolicited Proposals

How can a so-called modern nation be perennially managed since Independence by way of “unsolicited proposals”? President Muhammadu Buhari came to power on the slogan of “Change” but he is still governing Nigeria unrelentingly with the instrument of “unsolicited proposals”. When loans are used to fund “unsolicited proposals” it is no different from gambling, high-stakes gambling. Any government that manages its affairs and vision with total dependence on “unsolicited proposals” is devoid strategic planning, structural effectiveness and reliable outcome expectations beyond the short-term; such is governance by improvisation [haphazard] and instantaneous expediency. Is this truly the way forward for Nigeria? (more…)

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Devalued Naira or Devalued Republic?

Nigeria is still in its “supposed” anti-corruption mode from a governance perspective, but the current state of the economy is not going to permit its success no matter how hard the country tries or well-meaning the leaders might be. There is a highly overlooked aspect of corruption that directly results from macro-economic requirements, whether it is self-determined or imposed by multilateral agencies. The devaluation of currencies particularly in developing countries exacerbates the incidence of corruption. (more…)

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2015 Elections: The Eternal Baby Syndrome

2015 Elections: The Eternal Baby Syndrome

In the course of researching corruption and misgovernance in Nigeria it is not too hard to observe  public servants and politicians. These persons  of very high status and education plead that they are “still learning” when their heinous and embarrassing incompetence and failures come to light. Sixteen years of democracy has not been sufficient to discard or start to discard this attitude towards public service. Well, because there has to be a ready-made excuse for their blunders and malfeasance since there is never a credible one for corruption. The postponement of the 2015 general elections is no different. (more…)

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A Response to “Political Party Funding & Nigerians”

If I may extend your argument, there was a time when political party funding was ethical (enough). This was the period after World War II up to the 1970s manly in the developed world. The current unethical nature of political party funding is not peculiar to Nigeria since it all started and blossomed in some of the world’s oldest democracies. The reasons for the transition from ‘legitimate ethical’ to ‘legalised unethical’ party funding are numerous but a few will touched on here. (more…)

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