Restructuring: Derivation or Ownership? 2
An Illusion or Reality of Unity?

Restructuring: Derivation or Ownership 2

Restructuring: Derivation or Ownership 2: Questions & Answers.

“Federalism” and “restructuring” and related terms are all political jargon. It means they are not so easy to understand by non-specialists and are widely appreciated by assumption, not fact. Nigeria is a federal republic that practices federalism on paper. But is a unitary state in reality because it lacks the provision of autonomy for subnational or federating units. All advanced nations have undergone several phases of restructuring for political, economic or social reasons at different stages in their existence.

Many Nigerians are oblivious to the fact that the creation of Lower Niger protectorate by the British, the amalgamation of North and South Nigeria, the institution of the four colonial constitutions for Nigeria and ultimately Independence in 1960, where all cases of restructuring. Oil appears to be the only reason restructuring, or federalism looks strange to some in Nigeria. I shall now answer the questions raised in response to restructuring (non-technically): Derivation or Ownership?


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Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria 12

Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria 12

“We are bigger than U.S. Steel” several members of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities) in Nigeria will tell you, with aplomb, about their “brotherhood”. Do not take such folly serious. It is evidence the ‘mask of sanity’ fraternities have fallen off the cliff that once held them so high. However, now they see themselves as large facsimile corporations. Just as on LinkedIn, you will see corporations that have thousands of employees. UCGFs make favourable comparisons with such organisations based on their thousands of members. Yet are viruses. (more…)

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