Yankius on If Julian Assange Where Arrested in Nigeria

Yankius on If Julian Assange Where Arrested in Nigeria

Dead Speechless: Yankpuzi! How you is? I thought the British were the most civilised people in the world but see how nefariously they treated Julian Assange. Denial of medical treatment, drag-along arrest in the street and a vindictive jail sentence. It was more than barbarous.

Yankius: Lets not talk about Julian Assange. I do not feel like hiding in an embassy at the moment.

Dead Speechless: You are not Julain Assange and you do not run Wikileaks.

Yankius: All the better not to talk about him. Goon! Read More “Yankius on If Julian Assange Where Arrested in Nigeria”

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Wikileaks: The Lesson So Far

“Financial asphyxiation” is going to be a buzz word that will be popular with politicians (silently) and activists (openly) in future… I guess. Why? I will briefly and emphatically state that the core message and implication of the Wikileaks saga so far is: if you act against the interests of the owners of global and national political economies, legally or otherwise, your efforts will be annihilated through the mechanical ostracism of financial institutions. This is the story and anything else is neither secondary nor tertiary but at best quaternary. Read More “Wikileaks: The Lesson So Far”


Wikileaks Leaks – So Very Ordinary?

If Wikileaks has leaked nothing of the confidential and classified information relating to the workings, conditions and decisions of the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, exploitation-driven genocides in the Third World, the arms trade, genetically modified foods, corruption, regime change, insurgency sponsorship et al, then it has said nothing of significant importance i.e. to anyone who properly understands history, international relations and human nature. So where is the extraordinary news from the leaks? Read More “Wikileaks Leaks – So Very Ordinary?”