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Yankius on If Julian Assange Where Arrested in Nigeria

Yankius: You have human rights in Nigeria only if you have a lot of money and can beg very well. And that may not even save you. And do not forget, Nigeria has not had human rights since independence especially since 1966 and during colonial rule. Forget what you hear on telly or read in the papers; Nigerians are not too keen on human rights, they have not experienced it and the rights they have is where the governemnt and its clients have no reach - money is enough for them. And who knows if the nation is even ready for truth. Nigeria is torn up by tribal, religious and corporate interests and it is those interests that matter. What impacts have truth-backed exposes and scandals about corruption and misrule have on the government of Nigeria, despite democracy? None. Human rights is the noise of lawyers, the grandstanding of polititians and an intellectaul's right to a seminar audient. That's all. Finito. <a href=""> Read More...
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