Does National Security Expire?

Does National Security Expire?

The Anarchy

The anarchy brewing in Nigeria is near complete. Noting the security problem in Nigeria is dire is not news. It has become a daily and worsening fact. Wear is Nigeria’s national security? No one is safe from violence in the country any longer. Not even the military academies and barracks, high security prisons, nor police stations. And not the Presidential Guard or the President himself. What does the President, Buhari care? Moreover, the Government of Nigeria (GON) has no effective response to the failing state of security in the country. None. None from above and none from below. Video clips of bandits, terrorists, and criminals hold one key reason for this sorry state in plain sight.

Accordingly, the fabric of Nigerian society and culture is today determined by the insecurity. Both rural and urban areas are just as unsafe as each other. The roads are now highways to hell. It is that bad. (more…)

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Fulani Herdsmen & The British Legacy of Guilt

Fulani Herdsmen & the British Legacy of Guilt

“Guilt by community association” (GBCA) is back in Nigeria in fresh form in 2018. Not by the actions of a foreign colonialist. But those of the local Nigerian auto-colonialists courtesy Fulani herdsmen affairs. In the colonial state of Nigeria, under British rule, was the chief means by which the Nigerian staffed police force secured conformity and order. The method of choice was community arrest and faux crime taxation. (more…)

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Can Buhari Win The Oil War?

The Niger Delta Avengers (NDA) may not be a praiseworthy entity to many but their emergence and defiance have provided a thorough and incisive diagnosis of the dissembling cohesion of the nation-state called Nigeria. Nigeria has never been a thoroughgoing republic but simply a geographical “convenience” of British colonial exploitation (for palm oil) and a political “convenience” of Northern Nigerian auto-colonial hegemony (for crude oil). Race and tribe have played an exceeding big role in the creation of NDA. Enduringly placing the ‘straightjacket of inferiority’ firmly upon Niger Delta people/region who never asked for it by people who have extracted its wealth in obscene amounts without considering the indigenes will generate extreme reactions. Oppressive exploitation of oil in a highly fragile state does not work forever; President Muhammadu Buhari will learn this. (more…)

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Nigeria in Pieces: the Crushing of the Defenceless

Fela once called them vagabonds in power, VIPs. It now seems they are cowards in government, CIGs – Guynes

One really has to consider the resounding cowardice of Nigerian leaders with the monopoly of violence at their disposal since the end of the Civil War in 1970. There has been a combination of mobile police led-repression, instances of “mad dog syndrome” whereby soldiers take on ‘self-appointed license’ to punish civilians with unrestrained heavy handedness and blatant military massacres during both stratocratic and democratic administrations. In all these cases the victims are defenceless and unarmed citizens. However, why is it that when Nigerian leaders are faced by competent armed groups under their jurisdiction who readily take offensive initiative against the military they cannot be fight back successfully?


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Will Bombing Big Thieves Do the Trick?

Will Bombing Big Thieves Do the Trick?

Nations cannot bomb crimes out of existence as the Government of Nigeria seems to think and practice. When purely criminal or illegal activities are committed and perpetuated in a society during peace times and they have no military or genocidal implications, ‘policing’ is the proper line of action, at least in a democracy. (more…)

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Nigeria: Globalisation Democracy and the Possibility of a Coup d’etat

The United State of America is the chief exporter of “globalisation democracy” that has seen nations around the globe both encouraged and bullied into taking on two incompatible dictates of governance policy; representative democracy and neoliberalism. (more…)

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President Jonathan’s Boko Haram Excuse Is Inadequate

When President Goodluck Jonathan claimed he had “underestimated” the Boko Haram insurgency it was the latest in a long series of things he should not have said, another public relations disaster. Underestimation of the obvious is a major signal of administrative competence. Since Jonathan is not a military person his advisers must be openly held responsible for grossly misleading the president in such a strategic and important matter. Military personnel particularly high ranking officers should know the methods and history of warfare as well strategic analysis and forecasting of enemy capabilities, numbers and accessories on a substantive level. (more…)

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