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  1. Actually, I disagree with the title of this write up. While we have the right to access to information, it is still within the purview of state planners to keep somethings in the drawers. President Jonathan often dubbed as clueless be his critics has taken one decision that has upped him as quite the opposite. By postponing the election, he has pulled the cloth from under the table of the opposition. Sarcastically, Buhari should neither bother nor complain because should the Boko Haram enclave stabilise, he will garner more votes, obviously.

    1. I never used the words “clueless” to describe President Jonathan and I clearly suggested that the blame for “underestimating” should lie with his military and PR advisers. How an opposition leader can be imagined to benefit from or shut his mouth up about election postponement because an insurgency the incumbent president had several years to quell and failed is interesting.