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Natural Injection: O mi Yankius, which ones? I know say you go don dissect the open letter when Obasanjo send to President Buhari. What’s your opinion on the matter?

Yankius: I did not and will never read it.

Natural Injection: Really, why? You normally read everything. Wetin dey pepper you inside?

Yankius: When Obasanjo was president of Nigeria, if anyone voiced criticism of him he simply to them dokuously to “Shut Up!” then head up.

Natural Injection: Okay, that’s true. You read the letter when his own daughter, Iyabo, write take call her Papa hypocrite because of him open letter to Buhari?

Yankius: Yesio, I don dissect the letter with many different styles.You self go like. But na ancient news. (more…)

100 Days

The first 100 days in office is essentially a “confidence report” or “reassurance of commitment” to the electorate by a politician has been elected into executive office after three months. Although a fancy “report card”, it is a trifling thing with some media-circus ceremonial importance. It is unfortunate for a polity to rely on it as a genuine measure of political success.

In Nigeria’s case, the first 100 days is far less than 1% (i.e. 0.07%) of the four-year tenure of an elected executive. (more…)


The #OurVotesCounts voter education and election monitoring project run by the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) was a laudable project that sought to help in the constructive actualisation of a “free and fair” general election and encourage voters to go the ballot with their conscience rather than their stomachs in the 2015 general elections. How wonderful!

Who is leading or heading #OurVotesCounts project and NAS itself? (more…)