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Yankius on Iyabo Obasanjo’s Ambition to Be President

Natural Injection: O mi Yankius, which ones? I know say you go don dissect the open letter when Obasanjo send to President Buhari. What’s your opinion on the matter?

Yankius: I did not and will never read it.

Natural Injection: Really, why? You normally read everything. Wetin dey pepper you inside?

Yankius: When Obasanjo was president of Nigeria, if anyone voiced criticism of him he simply to them dokuously to “Shut Up!” then head up.

Natural Injection: Okay, that’s true. You read the letter when his own daughter, Iyabo, write take call her Papa hypocrite because of him open letter to Buhari?

Yankius: Yesio, I don dissect the letter with many different styles.You self go like. But na ancient news.

Natural Injection: Good. The girl betray her father badly sha. She is so ungrateful. After all when her father don…

Yankius: Jection, please no bring those yeye sentiment come here O! Ode Buruk! Na Baba Obasanjo naim tell Iyabo Obasanjo say if she wan become the first female president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria make she start to dey “expose and yab” he himself for public. Such actions go give her, Iyabo, relevance for the highest level of politics for Nigeria plus the federal government money when he don save for her. If you really believe say Iyabo go fit shame her father in public without him permission we need to send you back Eruemukowhoarien immediately.

Natural Injection: So na we common Nigerians naim the Obasanjo family wan take run circle anyhowly. Chai!

Yankius: Chai wetin? Jection, Obasanjo Presidential Dynasty don dey use play play start O! 2023 don already hatch!

All Guys Dey!

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