Privatise the Government of Nigeria!

Privatise the Government of Nigeria (GON)!

It is amazing to hear that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation’s refineries are to be sold. Why? Because of inefficiency and under-performance problems if a self-set 30-day government ultimatum fails. This is the same NNPC that is supposed to be the only concrete evidence that President Muhammadu Buhari is doing a good job. Bianimikaley! (more…)

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RE: Collapse of Nigeria’s Power Privatisation

RE: Collapse of Nigeria’s Power Privatisation

I found Timi Soleye’s piece in the Financial Times interesting. The Financial Times and its editors would have a lot to lose by reputation if Soleye produced a story of the privatisation of the electric power sector in Nigeria without facts. And one which could we can readily debunk with counter-facts. Newspaper often restrain articles they publish by word count limits, causing summarisation and missing details. Does one have to represent hidden vested interests to write what they think or observe? (more…)

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