Papiration And Bad Nigerian Politicians

Papiration and Bad Nigerian Politicians

Papire is a practice several politicians and their clients in Nigeria embrace to achieve and hold on to power for as long as possible, even to the grave. These indulgers of papire are the Owners of Nigeria who presume the country’s wealth is their entitlement. Papire takes full control of the minds of its indulgers. Under the influence of papire, the powerful in the land dominates every aspect of Nigerian life and ruin it. What nasty politicians! Furthermore, we must know papiration abhors thoughts of consequences or responsibility. It only reinforces wanton indulgence. (more…)

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Gowon and Babangida: Nigeria’s Drug Culture

Gowon and Babangida Created Nigeria’s Drug Culture

Access to drugs policies have been most responsible for either a rise or decline in the demography of drug addicts in Nigeria. A controversial thing the Obasanjo military government did in 1976/77 was to ban several goods, including controlled substances, into Nigeria. This was to curb the wasteful “Import or Die” phenomenon triggered by the unexpected “Oil Boom” years governed by General Gowon. (more…)

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The Portrait of a Nigerian Druggie Youth

The Portrait of a Nigerian Druggie Youth

Inspect the photograph. In the photograph, you can see the portrait of a young teenager in a blue T-shirt (the Boy in blue) attempting to light up a reefer. His peers surround him, eager for him to do it because if he does, they can too. There is some apparent awe for the Boy in blue by his mates; he is their leader by choice or nature. He is not from a privileged background and neither are his peers, but they look up to him. (more…)

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