A Response to “End of Oil is the Beginning of Prosperity in Nigeria”

Nigeria’s problem is sincerely not policies and national planning solutions for the economy whether it witnesses endless oil production or the ‘end of oil’; that is far too easy. One can make a list of credible sounding policies or actually good solutions for the Nigerian economy depending on whether the problem solver, perhaps an economist, is a die-hard free-market advocate, a supporter of strong government intervention or is two-handed. Who will implement them? From my thorough academic research Nigeria scores 9/10 for resistance to policy introductions. Continue reading

The End of Oil is the Beginning of Prosperity in Nigeria

One inexplicable phenomenon among Nigerians is their response to the news that Nigeria’s oil is facing a possible demise is a major export commodity. Economists and political scientists who I hang out with regularly are cynical if not fearful of the implications for that state known as Nigeria. This is probably to be expected. Continue reading

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