National Association of Seadogs: Capoon or Capone?

National Association of Seadogs: Capone?

National Association of Seadogs: Capone?

Wole Soyinka who is synonymous with NAS as its co-founder and most famous member is a literary giant and an intellectual. He is no mafia Don nor mafioso. Why would an organisation that identifies with Soyinka like a leech look racketeers, at least in the realm of public perception. He is their spiritual leader and more.

The Leaders of the National Association of Seadogs (NAS) a.k.a. the Pyrates Confraternity, are commonly known in public as “Capoons”. The word Capoon is a slight corruption of the term “Cap’n” which in turn corrupts the word “Captain”. The leaders of the international body and local chapters of NAS are thus Captains, colloquially Capoons. Some scribes of NAS have even chosen to use the more formal term “President” to match corporate appearances. Such is an interesting evolution considering the available choices in question.

It gets puzzling when the Leaders of NAS eschew the aforementioned nomenclature ascribed to them and choose to adopt the term for the leader, “Capone”. It is true the effects of the novel and film, The Godfather, on the psyche of Nigerian males proves inestimable. (See Nevertheless, no one expects an organisation guided by the” lofty” 4-7 Creed and “sworn” to ‘fight the ills of society’ to stray so far. That is, to have an obsession with ‘Al Capone envy’ or ‘Al Capone imitation’.

Well, Al Capone envy and imitation is, perhaps, now a part of NAS Leadership desires and expectations. If, Al Capone himself was alive today and sane, this copycat practice would impress him no end. No one within NAS can plead ignorance of the term “Capone” and its implications. Furthermore, most of the members of NAS know US mafia history like it was a major part of their studies at university.

Therefore, one can ask, why is Capone the preferred term of choice for the Leaders of NAS over Capoon, Cap’n and President? It shall remain a puzzle. Pronunciation is not the problem though. Deck before Ego is part of the of the 4-7 Creed. Any tendency towards self-inflation, internal or public, defeats that part of creed with ease. Thus, what is then the integrity of the other parts?

Notwithstanding, Tough Guys Don’t Dance, wrote Norman Mailer.


Grimot Nane


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  1. Anthony

    Hello Dr Nane, as usual its a very interesting article. My take on it is that names are important or else parents would name their children after Lucifer and the Devil. Pyrates who are named after these evil spirits might wonder why they have been named so. Whatever the case a name is a significant identity and is a valuable asset whose reputation has to be protected throughout the life time of the bearer. May be the Pyrates Confraternity is changing its identity and modus operandi. Only time will tell……

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    very informative and educative article

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    It’s hard to find experienced people on this subject, however,
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