Yankius on Buhari vs IPOB

Pepper Rest: I just wonder why Buhari go brand IPOB as terrorist organisation when they no do any terror, not even a single act. IPOB are even the victims of continuous state terror. I am sure Buhari is running scared and desperate, that’s why resorted to such low tactics.

Yankius: You do not understand what is going on. It is all about “free money” not fear of the Igbo man.

Pepper Rest: I hear you! You are talking jargon! What does money have to do with Buhari declaring IPOB a terrorist group?

Yankius: You hear say UK Foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, and UK International Development Minister, Priti Patel visit Nigeria recently?

Pepper Rest: Yes

Yankius: You know the message Johnson and Patel bring from Westminster to Nigeria?

Pepper Rest: No

Yankius: They said because of the money they give to Nigeria in aid to fight Boko Haram and solve other problems is not yielding results they will cut the aid from £100 million to £50 million annually. And Buhari paddies don already budget that money for personal use in advance. So therefore, in declaring IPOB a terrorist organisation, Buhari desperately hopes that British government go give him the balance £50 million or more to deal with a new terror threat. Buhari don kneel down beg UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, tire for the money.

Pepper Rest: Allah Akbar! You have to praise Buhari now. He knows how to raise money for the country and others.

Yankius: Comot.

All Guys Dey

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