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Yankius: Shukus, what’s gwan? Why you squeeze face like corner of anus when diarrhoea don distress small?

Shukuli: You rap shit always so no surprise in your welcome, ode. Just see how Buhari betray Southern Nigerians internationally. Can you image? Buhari serious tell the World Bank make them develop Northern Nigeria leave South behind. Meanwhile, Southerners dey support Buhari like dense slaves. Southerners are born fools, you know. (more…)

Pepper Rest: I just wonder why Buhari go brand IPOB as terrorist organisation when they no do any terror, not even a single act. IPOB are even the victims of continuous state terror. I am sure Buhari is running scared and desperate, that’s why resorted to such low tactics. (more…)

Snap Fingers

Pepper Rest: I see Deziani for Ikoyi this afternoon with Lukman Rilwanu. As eh, Deziani na fine woman O! The charges against her na true?

Yankius: Na Lekki I see her this afternoon with Doyin Okupe. She don escape from London since yesterday. She dress up like man escape through Heathrow Airport to come Nigeria, last flight. Them dey find am for London as we dey talk so.

Pepper Rest: Na wa for your gist O! Yankius! Where you for dey get your information on all these politicians self?

Yankius: Come bet whether I go ever answer your question again! If because you like thief them you dey come test me na racks you dey find be that.

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Snap Fingers

Pepper Rest: Any guy when wan cut sore for him body, I go cut sore for him body. Any guy when wan pull teeth, I go pull him teeth. Any guy when wan pervert creation, creation go pervert am. Any guy wan deceive God, God go deceive am. Any guy when wan…

Yankius: Pepper, who don make you vex like this? Wetin happen? Take am easy now. Na Orubebe don dey misbehave again?

Pepper Rest: Na “Baby Doc” Saraki don come hire the Imam when dey lead our mosque for over two weeks now. All the prayer e dey do for us no dey get effect again since e go work for Saraki.

Yankius: So you no know say when a man acquire spiritual power the only thing he dey take am do na to make money? You really funny! God don bless your Imam well well O!

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Snap Fingers

Pepper Rest: You never hear! Timi wound well well for this All Progressives Congress primaries for Rivers abi Bayelsa State Gubernatorial candidate. Timpre wound Timi O! Timpre 726 votes, Timi 4 votes. Apalan!

Yankius: Why e dey surprise you? Na only thief Timi sabi thief now, everybody know that one but e no be politician at all. If you give Timi post as Governor of CBN Nigeria go amass debt of trillions of dollars just now just now.

Pepper Rest: Rumour monger! You get the proof to support wetin you dey talk so? If na true say na so so thief naim Timi dey thief why EFCC or ICPC never prosecute am?

Yankius: Pepper, e be like say you go carry that complain go give Buhari personally because thiefmen don cancel the primaries. The money Timi, Timpre and others settle no reach. If them no spend cash well the second time them go redo a third time till APC Babas them belle full. You never hear!

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