Papiration And Bad Nigerian Politicians

Papiration and Bad Nigerian Politicians

Papire is a practice several politicians and their clients in Nigeria embrace to achieve and hold on to power for as long as possible, even to the grave. These indulgers of papire are the Owners of Nigeria who presume the country’s wealth is their entitlement. Papire takes full control of the minds of its indulgers. Under the influence of papire, the powerful in the land dominates every aspect of Nigerian life and ruin it. What nasty politicians! Furthermore, we must know papiration abhors thoughts of consequences or responsibility. It only reinforces wanton indulgence. (more…)

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Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians

Yankius: Papiration & Bad Politicians; more guys gossip…

The Man, Yankius on Papire and 2023 Elections’ Presidential Contenders

Yankius: O Saint Bobo! May papire be blessed! Papire come make you forget me for decades, eh? How in the world have you been?

Saint Bobo: You no dey forget something? Is papire all you remember about me?

Yankius: No. Sexual activity, professional gisting and Guinness small stout.

Saint Bobo: Whatever! Meanwhile, it’s great to see you.

Yankius: What brings you back to Nigeria?

Saint Bobo: Okowa, our governor, invited me to come to work with him for the 2023 elections. (more…)

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Yet Another Birthday With Cap’n Blood

Yet Another Birthday With Cap’n Blood

A rugged tale of yet another surprise yet memorable birthday with Cap’n Bloood in Davy Jones Locker. He comes bearing rum.

Wednesday 13th of July, 2022, in a cold secluded place sailors dread…

I am deep in thought and all my sensory capabilities are dormant. Never lost in thought; I often find my complete self in thought. If someone can sail the rough seas from brook to ocean without finding themselves complete in thought and the action it begets, then he is a lubber. Nothing more. My thoughts always gear towards the fostering of the better society but it is a lonely vocation despite the thousands who swear to seek it. Davy Jones Locker (DJL) is the best place ever to find oneself in thought and there I sat without being wopicious.

My sensory faculties reactivate by the touch of a hand. It is a surprise, a moderate grip of my shoulder. In a couple of seconds, I return myself to the corporeal present moment, then turn my head to see who it is surprising me. It is Cap’n Blood (CB) himself. I fall into a daze with amazement for a moment. Then remembered it is his birthday, thirteen days before mine. (more…)

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When Religious People Need Alcohol (Goscolene)
An Unconscious glass of brandy.

Religious Desire of Alcohol (Goscolene)

Religious Desire of Alcohol (Goscolene)

Goscolene makes us lapotidunious. Some guys I used to roll with, when saying something cryptic in public, would conclude “If you know, you know.” Anyone can listen to certain public utterances, but few may decipher them. The good thing is nothing you read here qualifies as cryptic. Yet, we need not define or explain what lapotidunious means for now. This word wears the coat of mufugbeneity, another adjective which elsewhere is yet without definition, but we will define it. That is what we do. Just a little trust is all we need to assure each other when the means of persuasion are shy.

Shynes! Goscolene refuses to be shy, especially when there is a religious desire for it. How can the most popular alcoholic drink in the Niger Delta be shy? If oil, the reason for Nigeria’s neo-colonisation, and palm oil the incentive for Nigeria’s colonisation, both products of the Niger Delta, are not shy, why will goscolene be shy? (more…)

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Urhobo Music Is 21st Century Ready  
The bass Isologu, played by Lucky Adada of the Okpan Arhibo Band.

Urhobo Music Is 21st Century Ready  

Urhobo Music Is 21st Century Ready  

An overview of Modern Urhobo music played by traditional exponents, Okpan Arhibo and King Enakpodia. The modern sound of the Isologu played by Lucky Adada. (more…)

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My Name Follows Me

My Name Follows Me is a story of the untold effects of names given to men on their initiation into fraternities. The story tells of  Evo, a young man who unwittingly joins a university campus grown fraternity and finds himself in continual hopeless circumstances because of his new identity. (more…)

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Discovery With Grace 2

Discovery with Grace 2: Electronic affection and expectation continue in this story of a solitary scribe who falls for a brainy female academic six thousand miles away, by cosmic Grace. Plans to meet up come to fruition, then the unexpected makes an appearance.


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