Wole Soyinka and Military Forgiveness?

Wole Soyinka and Military Forgiveness 3

Wole Soyinka and Military Forgiveness 3

In a most unspectacular reinvention “moment”, Nobel Laureate, Wole Soyinka, has publicly declared not only his “forgiveness” but the endorsement of President Muhammadu Buhari. He has affectionately called Buhari a “born again” and a “new phenomenon”. Every man has a right to change his mind, especially in the light of new evidence or expectations or access/protection of special personal interests. Interestingly, Soyinka has changed as much as he claims Buhari has in real terms over the years in whatever direction he has chosen – they are countless.

Since Soyinka is neither a Christian nor a Muslim, most Nigerians will not see such “forgiveness” as an act of piety or even magnanimity for that matter. In fact, with the current dynamics and sentiments in Nigerian politics, it will somewhat appear to be a thoroughly predictable ‘turn of mind’. He has nowhere else to go whatsoever. But most of all it was a “moment”. ‘Momentlessness?’ Impossible!

However, it is not only military leaders of Nigeria that Wole Soyinka has chosen “not to forgive” then “forgave” for their “stratocratic sins”. He has forgiven Generals Gowon and Buhari and maybe in future General Babangida. General Obasanjo he was more neutral about. |Alas, General Abacha he cannot forgive anyway because he is deceased. Abacha’s death has cheated Soyinka out of a “moment”. Nevertheless, Soyinka has not forgiven Goodluck Jonathan. Nor the People’s Democratic Party (mostly of the Jonathan years) for their “democratic sins”.

If things go full circle and they will, we may well witness Soyinka in future deciding “not to forgive” Buhari for “democratic sins.” That is, regardless of the initial praise and endorsement he has now provided. I can bet good money on that. The biblical story of Hezekiah tells us God himself changed his mind in response to prayer for forgiveness. So do not hold your breath. I can see endless if not whimsical opportunities for forgiveness and non-forgiveness “moments.” Yes, of Nigerian leaders flowing unabated in future. It does not matter who the head of state is or the form of governance (predictable exceptions expected). It is Wole Soyinka.

Roll the dice again!

Well, cherish the “moment” and be part of history.

Grimot Nane

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