No Friend No Foe

Carrot & stick

Agnotologics, ponerologics, repression, oppression, absurdity, deception and toxic entitlement all rolled into one is the mark of decadence, filth and wickedness in practice but in the name of ‘fighting the ills of society’ and being a born-again ‘service organisation’. That is distinguishing, yet the persuasive lie of the university grown campus fraternity (UCGF).

What makes the situation worse is that the organisation that organises itself purely as such will tell you ‘No Friend No Foe’ as a herald of punitive sanctions. Often against innocent and helpless individuals but above all those who cherish and exercise their sincere democratic capabilities and rights. Oh yes! Punitive sanctions by such organisations ‘keeps everyone in check’ so individuals who surrender their liberty willingly to the UCGF have to sit right, dance right, sleep right, smoke right… (you know how it goes)… or else!
No one hears ‘No Friend No Foe’ when those with power in UCGFs come begging for favours or handouts from them. In such times you are a valued Brother. They are smart enough to know that without politeness, flattery or some pride-swallowing, they will get nothing out of you. No Friend No Foe thus means you are of no immediate value at the moment.
No Friend No Foe is unquestionably how the public will be treated by such an organisation when the opportunity arises, and they are comfortably “settled in” service providers. What a perversion of the concept of ‘service organisations’.
“Charity begins at home, not in a den of thieves.”


Grimot Nane
(Originally published on January 7, 2015)

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