Fraternities Are Viruses in Nigeria

Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 5 – Selfish Genes

Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 5 – Selfish Genes

If you have read Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria, parts 1, 2, 3 and 4, you will not need any introduction to the hypocrisy and psychopathy of UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities). UCGFs are organisations that trumpet the ‘mantra of altruism and selflessness’ to society and their unwitting members. In reality, they are driven by creating ‘selfish social genes’ [as Richard Dawkins would describe them] and breeding cadres of Suckers, Cheaters and Grudgers.

The irony is the founders established UCGFs with the primary aim to fight against “Cheaters” the tricks, manipulations and evils in society. Well, on behalf of the “Suckers” in society by being the “Grudgers” in society! Today, Grudgers have the invariable status of ‘persona non grata’ within UCGFs. Not only have UCGFs been monumental failures in their pursuit and attainment of their respective causes. For example, fostering a “just society”, but many of their members also deserve to be in the slammer!

The “Sucker” is the UCGF member who with devotion cooperates with the tenets of the organisation and dictates of individual members. Well, no matter the satisfaction or disappointment they receive. Misplaced loyalty is the destiny of a Sucker until he wakes up, sometimes after a long time, sometimes never. The Suckers continue to pay their subscriptions long after they realise it flows to the top hierarchy for private use. They obey orders, no matter how unreasonable. Often, they are ‘victims’ of various deceptions. They are often casualties of UCGF violence and often suffer crushing, cruel humiliation. Why would educated men, many of them successful in their daily lives, subject themselves to such voluntary “victimhood”?

Some UCGFs members are undying in their believe in the “written codes.” And a “written or imaginary system of ideology” of the fraternity. Even though there is no shred of evidence of its practice by most members in reality. Self-delusion is a clear attitude of Suckers. Several Suckers compare UCGFs to Christianity and Islam. Despite, neither Jesus nor Mohammed would join or recommend their followers to join any UCGF. Some Suckers compare UCGFs to socialism even though its leadership is Thatcherite / Reaganite, favouring neoliberal and neoconservative ideologies. Many hope their long-suffering will pay-off when one day in the future when their fraternity takes over the reins of the Nigerian government. Many have nowhere else to go.

On joining a UCGF, there is a one-year ‘apprenticeship’ period before one becomes a permanent member. It is, in reality, a “one year of enforced ‘Suckerhood’” because the new member cannot say ‘No’ to any order issued by a senior member. You can imagine a new member who is a surgeon taking sanctions for not attending a UCGF extra-curricular meeting on a Thursday afternoon. Even though he could prove by a video call that he was in scrubs ready for surgery and was with his colleague to enter the theatre at that very time. UCGFs have made countless professionals lose their jobs for the convenience of Cheaters. When the apprentice graduates, he can remain a Sucker or become a Cheater or Grudger.

Cheaters enjoy cooperate of Suckers without reciprocating and also inflict many economic and social harm on them, and with continuous impunity. UCGFs attract psychopaths by default, and such predatory behaviour is inevitable. Cheaters are masters at manipulation and ruthlessness. What is surprising is that many UCGFs Cheaters also belong to Ogboni, Freemasons, Rotary, AMORC, Catholic Knighthoods and so on, but are most committed to their UCGFs. It is because while it is effortless for them to operate as unrestrained Cheaters in their respective UCGFs. They cannot attempt such in the organisations mentioned above that are far better structured, far more meritocratic and far more disciplined. UCGF Cheaters are mostly quaking cowards and bullies in the real world.

Grudgers are those who can retaliate with strength and persistence against Cheaters who wrong them or others or members of society, but will cooperate with those who are not offensive. Most Grudgers rarely stay long as members in UCGFs because they see the hypocrisy and psychopathy early. They leave after a couple of years or less; the outcome of their retaliations are reasonable exit indications. The Grudgers that stay are often sources of instability in the UCGFs because their tacit or overt retaliation is unexpected and cheered by many within. Sometimes the Grudger may be calm or peaceful but will not cooperate with the Cheaters.

When a Grudger protests, contends or challenges, a Cheater, especially one in a leadership position, it is such a sigh of relief to many repressed and gagged members. Cheaters are untiringly in doing everything to prevent dissent against their cunning ways. Yet, they boast of free speech and democracy. If Grudgers do not leave the organisation early on their own volition, a conspiracy to kick the out becomes necessary. Grudgers are always a small minority within UCGFs; they exit too early to build sufficient numbers. Suckers (helpless subservient) and Cheaters (ruthles and dominant) are the real goods of UCGFs with fascinating dynamics at play. What would these people, the Cheaters most of all, then do to ordinary members of society?

People should not ask, how could UCGFs can claim to be the model of morality and uprightness when Cheaters dominate them? The latter are experts in finding and exploiting / dehumanising Suckers? Experts in using and ruining people?

Identify them and judge for yourself.

Grimot Nane

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  1. Omonigho

    Audacious and well written article…
    It would be interesting to put a name on a particular UCGF.
    Thank you Grimot sharing your knowledge (or is it experience) on this topic.

  2. Saki

    In most cases ideologies or structured codes of conduct do appear far more appealing and attractive on paper than in practice. What appeared to be movements towards some altruistic goals have been transformed into a profit making enterprise by a few – the cheaters. The suckers are intrinsically weak in spirit perhaps with an inate nature similar to that of the cheater.

    They remain suckers awaiting their chances of ascendancy to the exalted position of cheater. They tolerate and defend the cheater believing that the cheater will support them when they vie to become cheater. Like in the religions and cults, suckers remain suckers because they aspire to become cheaters.

    In the murkey world of UCGFs, the grudger is the enemy. Instigated and manipulated by the cheater, the blind suckers go out on a dog’s errand – to hound the grudger.

  3. Emmanuel

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