Fraternities are Viruses in Nigeria: Part 6 – The Selection


If you live in a home with illustrious parents with lots of affluence and you have brothers, there is a reasonable likelihood that you have a member of a UCGF in your household. Fact! The main insidious practices of the Cheaters that run UCGFs have always been to recruit as many members of high ability (used as Suckers) and those with inherited high social status in their ranks (also Suckers). Members of UCGFs from humble backgrounds simply make up the numbers and used as cannon fodder.

Even though none of the original members of the older UCGFs were medical students or later medical doctors in their own right, they ensured that the largest number of their future recruits were medical students. Medical students were ten times more likely to be recruited as a member of a given UCGF than those who were studying something else. At that time, the 1970s and 1980s, medical doctors had the best career prospects of any profession in Nigeria; it was an investment in the future for the UCGF.
As other university courses such as Engineering, Accountancy, Law and Built Environment proved to also provide very good career prospects, the UCGFs focused on recruiting them in addition to medical students. As a result, there are very few members of UCGFs from that era with degrees in Religion, Linguistics, French, Archaeology, Physics, Horticulture or Library Science. The UCGFs were very selective of how their recruits will turn out in future. Such is a very far cry from the ostensible claim of UCGF of recruiting like-minded people “to fight against the ills of society” and produce admirable men. The Cheater-led UCGFs were fighting for their growth and prominence in society, and mentoring sophisticated Cheaters.
Nevertheless, as UCGFs grew in confidence they became increasingly impatient in waiting for a generation to get the money and power they desired. Many members who had become successful doctors and professionals had outgrown the campus sensibilities of the UCGF and focused devotedly on their personal lives and careers. This development angered Cheaters. However, the Cheaters soon got the right solution to the actualisation of their self-interest through fresh recruits. UCGFs started to recruit mostly the children of the rich, influential and powerful in society. Many prominent families were targeted and subverted whenever their male children got into a Nigerian tertiary institution; it was a very diligence practice.
Between the mid-1980s and mid-1990s, if you randomly picked ten recently recruited members of a UCGF, their fathers or mothers would turn out be a federal minister, federal permanent secretary, a commissioner of a state government, a professor, a medical director, an ambassador, a police chief, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, a military general, a king, an industrialist, a corporate executive, a high court judge, a business mogul or a senior clergyman. This was a ruthlessly contrived plan. The children of the humble were recruited unfavourably and it was often obvious. Many Grudgers were from humble backgrounds.
In one particular case, a chapter of a UCGF was set up in a newish university, primarily to recruit the sons of a serving federal minister and some other dignitaries. These silver/golden spoon UCGF recruits were often encouraged by the Cheaters to steal from their parents to fund the “brotherhood” and secure “special favours” on their behalf. The distress caused by UCGF subversion to many decent, stable and respectable families in many cases was monumental.
Imagine a Chief Justice of a State having to bail his son for the possession of firearms, a Police Commissioner fighting to ensure his son does not get the death sentence for killing another student, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria hearing his first son had just been slaughtered with extreme senseless mutilation, a Bishop having refund the money his son had robbed and squandered as a part of a team and been caught. But also imagine if the following had happened to the son of a school teacher, gardener, taxi-driver or court clerk. It is terrible. These parents would not have had such experiences if their children had not joined a UCGF.
However, further, development ensured that UCGFs could now penetrate government agencies effectively. UCGFs have predictably, because they recruit undergraduates or graduates, being able to control a few federal government agencies and countless state ones. Many UCGFs are “special interest groups” in their own right. To join some parastatals you have to be initiated by the UCGF that dominates as a member first. Is this not outright subversion?
Subverting the liberty of the individual, the stability of the family and the moral content of government agencies, is a UCGF definitively acting like a virus that infects its host then moves on when it dies. How anyone can reconcile the subversion ruthlessly practised by psychopathic UCGFs against their claim “to fight the ills of society” may require schizophrenia to resolve.
Grimot Nane

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