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  1. The Nigerian security set up is a crude and disjointed one, controlled by crude politicians and operated by crude means with unsavoury, and most times dire, outcomes (sadly in this case violent death of fellow citizens). But the Nigerian by nature is not a logical being and lacks tact in handling even the most ordinary day to day human stuff. Hubris driven by emotion has reduced the, politicians, military, security services and even ordinary Nigerians into mechanical robots who are designed to go or come and in between they lack the capacity to think of the consequences of the go – come command and action. Fela comes to mind (RIP).

    Mr Kalu and his Biafra agitators are NEVER a security threat. For one, they are a loose ectopic outfit whose views doesn’t reflect those of the overwhelming majority of law abiding Igbos. Kanu has the right to express his nationalistic views and if the government has any reason to believe that the views he was promoting via his Radio Biafra outlet are dangerous, then the sensible means to challenge him must be through the judiciary.

    But in a country where the Senate speaker and ex-governors behave in a manner that shows that they are above the law, no one (the security services included) will ever believe in the rule of law which means civil brigandage becomes a means.

    Do we really have a democracy?

  2. There is need to apply caution on the part of the Federal Government of Nigeria in handling this issue.
    Ultimately, there should be a re-structuring of Nigeria to create a win-win situation where fiscal federalism thrives.