Is the Expected Revolution in Nigeria Possible?


Many talking points in Nigeria and diaspora are increasingly focused on the undeniable necessity for a ‘proper revolution’ to happen and soon as a singular means to decisively sort out the poly-faceted corruption and misgovernance entrenched in and withering away the country beyond recognition. Talk of revolution is good for expressing various dimensions despair. Notwithstanding, the realities of revolution are not represented in the everyday chatter of it and appear to be tacitly hiding in many brains. A thoroughgoing political revolution has a very high cost that involves mass coordination, mass murder, mass destruction and mass deception [propaganda]; are Nigerians ready for that? How possible is it really? Continue reading

Nigerian 2015 Elections: Jega and the Futility of Other Rents

One more rent expended by Jonathan’s administration and one wonders how many are left to keep it in power? Professor Attahiru Jega is now [technically] gone. He will not be conducting the 2015 general elections in Nigeria. A ‘rent’ has been ostensibly ‘traded’ on the position of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) with incalculable implications on the instability and fragility of Nigeria. Will there be any rent offerings to counter possibility of a military coup, eradicate Boko Haram terror and other election or post-election related violence? Continue reading

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