Discovery With Grace 2


The gift of Grace itself is private, only its overflows are sharable. Wherever you hear the words “May the Grace of the Lord be with you,” or similar be careful to ask what it means to you but engaging no one else. Those nine words are too wonderful to understand without wisdom, so I always exercise care as I receive or use them. While Grace comes in boundless forms and is unearned, it manifests in one form at a time; enduring, transient, or overlapping. People who enjoy sticky Grace have rivers of blessings flowing in their lives. Yet, Grace is enough Grace for me, my Nile. Hey! Please, I am not recklessly lustful or groundnut-oily, for even King Solomon, the wisest King in history, said three things were too wonderful; 81 and Grace sharing affection was one of them. My finding Grace was so brain sparkling and soul renewing, so wonderful. My purposeful freedom from the solitary life I bear witness to within. Continue reading