Institutions, Habits and Learning Applied Science in Schools

Institutions, Habits and Learning Applied Science in Schools
Grimot Nane
Written for Government College Ughelli Old Boys Association UK Annual Dinner, Paddington Hilton, London on the 27th August 2016
The difference between pure science and applied is incredibly huge when one considers their particular usefulness to society. Pure science is mostly cerebral and experimental but applied science is of totally practical use to society. Technological know-how, medical understanding, microscopic explorations, extra-terrestrial conquests and superstition minimisation are all the dividends of applying science to all manner of problems encountered by human beings. In all societies, developing and advanced, it is the application of science and not mere theory that has made the technosphere so amazing and useful. This is certainly not an attempt to denigrate pure science, whatsoever. One can only apply scientific solutions to everyday and rare problems, big and small, if the practitioner or student knows enough pure science to begin with. It is the application of science that makes tonnes of metal to fly in the sky, incurable diseases curable, summer foods to grow in winter, people to communicate with each other over thousands of miles in real time, meat to be preserved for months. Pure science and applied science are truly beautiful, even though they can be put to ugly uses.

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Nigeria is Designed to Be an Enduring Failure

Doyin Ajala plays inside an oil drum at the waterfront in Lagos, Nigeria Friday, Oct. 17, 2008. More than 100 countries planned World Poverty Day events Friday to encourage action towards United Nations goals for cutting poverty and improving health care and education for the world's poor. (AP Photo/Sunday Alamba)

Nigeria’s failing as a nation is not the work of God. When Nigerian political economist, Claude Ake, boldly said Nigeria or Africa was never designed to be successful as modern societies, economically or politically, so many scoffed at him but he was not just right, he was absolutely right. Nigeria was designed to fail and its intellectual and political elites more than anyone else has been at the forefront of negotiating and perpetrating this unstoppable failure. In fact, the Nigerian intellectual elite love the chains of failure that guarantees their society’s failure as they perennially profit  very handsomely from it. Continue reading

All Nigerians Can Have Access to Affordable Health Services: Dr Amayo Speaks

Dr Cal Amayo, of the Ethiope Foundation, has awakened a team of medical and non-medical professionals at meeting recently to a hopeful fact by announcing to them that Nigeria as a democratic nation has the capacity, infrastructure and personnel to provide adequate basic to medium (and in some areas advanced) levels of health services to its citizens, albeit, using a novel integrated approach that is practical, workable and affordable. The product of thorough previous and recent (and ongoing) research “Coordinating Health Care in Nigeria: Disasters, Emergencies and Routines”, Dr Amayo emphatically stated that the only thing lacking in the provisions of Nigerians with good accessible and affordable health care is good “coordination through incentives” between institutions and participants within the sector. Though given a brief introduction, we look forward to understanding how the interplay of coordination and incentives can significantly improve the provision of health care services both quantitatively and qualitatively, simultaneously. Dr Amayo’s announcement at the meeting in question was not the subject of discussion; it will be at the next meeting.


The details and techniques employed in Dr Amayo’s new approach to health services coordination in Nigeria of shall be analysed and reviewed on here in the very near future.

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