Buhari: Continuing The “Too Big To Convict” Anticorruption Sham


The first corruption prosecution of President Muhammadu Buhari’s reign has succeeded. The former Director-General of the Nigerian Maritime Administration Safety Agency (NIMASA), Raymond Omatseye, has been sentenced to five years in prison for his orchestration of N1.5bn contract scam. Omatseye got what he deserved; every guilty man and woman should be punished according. Well, not quite. The process that led to the conviction precedes this administration. Then this success is actually a major failure of anticorruption when considering the political economy and ethnic dynamics of Nigeria, a massive sham. The prosecution / conviction of Omatseye suggests a pattern of ‘ethnic ease’ adopted by several Governments of Nigeria (GON); the smaller the ethnicity of a corrupt official the easier it is to convict him or her and vice versa. Continue reading

Will Bombing the Biggest Thieves Out of Existence Do the Trick?


Crimes cannot be bombed out of existence as the Government of Nigeria seems to think and practice. When purely criminal or illegal activities are committed and perpetuated in a society during peace times and they have no military or genocidal implications, ‘policing’ is the proper line of action, at least in a democracy. Continue reading

Do I Have to be “On the Ground” to Know Nigeria is Failing?

I am told I cannot understand the problems in Nigeria or the challenges facing President Goodluck Jonathan because I am not “on the ground”. Is the psyche of some Nigerians that backward? I do not have to be on the ground in China assess their enormous economic growth or Greece to evaluate their economic decline or Norway to verify their high levels of good governance or Sudan to prove their high levels of misgovernance. But when it comes to Nigeria I have to be firmly on the ground. Continue reading

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