Corruption is the New Meaning of Life: It Is Here to Guide Us




Corruption shows its face unobstructed in most forms of social organisation in today’s world. Under the present rules of governance, they license corruption for use with discretion and embed itself deeper in societies, eliminating most opposition to it. Corruption is thus now legal, though not without illegal consequences. Nothing paves the path for needless and preventable wars, social strife, starvation, pestilence, economic chaos, systemic deficiencies, and emergencies as corruption does. Many commentators pen such incidences as exceptions, Things Happen, is the persuasion we must accept. They sound as if corruption is uncommon and its effects arise without calculated intention or support. People unfamiliar with the corruption happening in many nations think it’s an overseas problem. At home or overseas, corruption is the same thing; and not only in monetary exchange. Many ask why no real discourse on corruption exists? Others ask, why should any such debate exist? As the media becomes more an instrument of public relations, the fewer prints stories, or broadcasts on corruption.The Covid-19 pandemic has uncovered more corruption than is convenient in cleaner nations and dirty ones, too. The backing ideologies, promotions, and the effects of corruption have become more conspicuous. As with organised crime, knowing more concrete details of corruption never stops it. Continue reading

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