Corruption is the New Meaning of Life: It Is Here to Guide Us

Corruption is here in the world to stay and entrench itself deeper. That is our biggest contemporary reality in times of peace and not in an emergency. It is even legal. Corruption has paved the way for unnecessary wars, unrest, pestilence and systemic failures; many brand such as unexpected contingencies. “Things happen”, we are persuaded, as if they occur without much-calculated assistance. Without entrenched predatory corruption, there would be much fewer preventable disasters and crises in the world. The Covid-19 pandemic has inadvertently exposed more corruption than is usually seen by the average person. The backing ideologies and consequences of corruption have become more visible. the entire media, justice system and civil services could never offer the people such a view in corruption.

Corruption is no longer about the good guys and the bad guys; it is now only about the good guys and the Overseer. Try spotting the difference, the bet is you cannot. All the tax-evaders, tax-credit racketeers, interest-free loan enjoyers, subsidy extorters, funds privatisers, military spending dependants, stock inflators, bailout mongers, bad loans merchants, crisis manufacturers, cutthroat speculators, master hoarders, vulture creditors are now the good guys. They are the very best guys in society. They are geniuses, masters of nations, masters of the universe, invincible, philanthropic, charismatic and have hearts as good as gold. It is the finest irony ever manifest on the planet.

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Anticorruption in Nigeria Should Be About Better Social Organisation

Buhari v Cameron

This article starts and concludes with the following sentence. “Governance and corruption are essentially about social organisation on a scale that ranges from very good governance to very bad governance.” Very good governance with reference government and organisations does not necessarily suggest the absence of corruption but very bad governance is typically characterised by serious corruption. It is good to focus on the definitions, approaches, perspectives and logics of corruption as long as they are appropriate. However, it is unfortunate when the purpose of managing corruption with anticorruption is often forgotten; the improvement of social organisation or maintaining high levels of it. Social organisation is the ‘collective action’ of two or more people. Continue reading

Corruption: One and a Half Questions

Since the widely preferred mode of organisation (partial or encompassing) for our “globalised political economy” in both public and private spheres is corruption, how are useful and successful anti-corruption programs going to produce “better governance” or “cleaner governance” or “good government” or “good corporations”? Who will implement and sustain these anti-corruption programs?

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