Rancour: An Ode to A Lost Oppressor

When a man has been becraped by friends and brothers within the tacre of brotherhood on so many occasions that it becomes a hard and fast law of  his interaction, well because of the people mostly,  he  unconsciously starts to lessens his rancour till there is not even an atom of it left in him i.e. only if adversity does not break but bends his spirit till it develops a powerful tercque of inner strength. Then he can start to live but not by interacting with those who caused the rancour in the first place because it is by rancour they attempt to control or subvert him. This freedom from rancour is a blessing; a blessing at a cost mostly heavy sometimes light.  I have paid mine and it was far from cheap. Unfair trades all the way; I was always given oysters for fish, they ate the fish to their fill and threw away the bones, I ate the oysters always half full and saved up handsome stock of pearls.

Rising above rancour produces a detachment that is  so very freeing but then life is conditioned and unfree, real freedom is but an illusion or is it? Ask the rancour mongers, they would never knew the answer to such a question – the panopticon is their forte but the proliferation of  blind-spots has rendered them interfrased. Panopticon without rancour? I wish Orwell or Foucault were here to answer that one.

Rancour I am not buying or selling, not one atom not one iota, so it is best left to the peddlers and users. I will not at any time or under any circumstances accept rancour being ordered into my affairs regardless of the azam of the peddler.  If rancour is all friends and brothers have on offer “leave me alone”. For caution, being without rancour is neither a guarantee against misfortune nor a shield against pain. Yet, “I want to be left alone”, you can take your rancour elsewhere – there might just be people who need it.

Grimot Nane

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