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  1. The arrest of Mr Kalu of Radio Biafra is unfortunate. This is yet another show of incompetence by the security forces and the leadership of the country. Did the president approve the arrest and detention of this guy? I ask because charges of treason and felony are matters of national security and the president is the chief security officer. If the president was briefed before this arrest, I’d opine that this is yet another blunder by an ex-military president. This president needs to be reminded that this is a democracy and not a thuggish military regime run by decree – we have a document call constitution.

    This government, and indeed previous governments – military or democratic- seem oblivious of the consequences of this sort of high-handedness due possibly to thoughtlessness and disregard for democratic processes.

    The president must rein in his security officers and tutor them on how to respect the rights of people to protest and express their anger and frustration through peaceful means. Let them not create the need for agitators to resort to violence.

    If content of Radio Biafra is deem to be capable of inciting violence that threatens national security they must pursue a judicial means to resolve matters – after more than 16 years of democratic governance politicians must begin to practice respect for human rights and the rule of law.

    Enough of the military gra gra mentality.

  2. How is Buhari releasing arrested members of Boko Haram while killing people from Eastern and Midwestern Nigeria who want to separate from corrupt Nigeria? Of course, Nigeria is already an Islamic country. These non Muslims want a Christian country they will call their own -Biafra.
    Igu Ihemeh III

  3. The zoo called niGEria has expired. Moron-mmadu Buhari is a terrorist, pedophile, kidnapper and brutal dictator. He is worse than Hitler and Idi Amin combine.
    #Free #NNAMDIKANU.