What Does the Word “Fuck” Have To Do With “Christ”?

Increasingly on social media, we are witnessing a tidal wave of swear words as ‘acceptable’ reactions of disbelief, anger, disappointment or shock to the comments and utterance of others. These swear words are coming from decent people, even highly lettered intellectuals. One of the most common swear words (phrases) used is “FFS” (For Fuck Sake(s)) often abbreviated to demonstrate some decency on the part of the user. It is not too surprising but still highly incongruent to observe that the word “fuck” in FFS is interchangeably used or readily substituted with the word “Christ” as in FCS (For Christ Sake(s)).

We do not have a case here where most people writing on social media use the phrases FFS exclusively or FCS typically. Those with a proclivity to swear on-line when provoked directly or indirectly on social media tend to use the swear words that come first to their minds. The explanation for it is not very apparent, but some social media users use both FFS and FCS on the same day, for several days and sometimes in the same exchange.

In the everyday world “Christ” and “Fuck” and their connotations are not words that go together in any conceivable way unless as deliberate iconoclasm or reckless disregard or a deconstructed post-modern expression. It becomes more interesting when FFS is used instead of the For Fuck Sake(s). Seeking decency and respectability on the back of vulgar antics does not appear sensible or reasonable. Well, what is and who defines the terms “sensible” and “reasonable”? Maybe it is protesting in disguise or a Pyrrhic claim to freedom and liberty. Who knows.

I am still looking for a link between Christ and fuck as used in everyday parlance but should I? Why did I even bother with this?


Grimot Nane

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