Fulani Herdsmen are Spies

Fulani Herdsmen are Spies

Fulani herdsmen have always secretly been subversives. They monitor and report on activities throughout the length and breadth of Nigeria. And they have paymasters. So my source affirms. This information, however, does not explain the ostensibly ‘senseless phenomenon’ happening frequently in Nigeria today. The killing/kidnapping of Nigerians all over the country by Fulani herdsmen. The long-hidden history of Fulani herdsmen grazing their cattle all over Nigeria should no longer be a secret. (more…)

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Nigeria: Loans For Unsolicited Proposals

Nigeria: Loans For Unsolicited Proposals

How can a so-called modern nation be perennially managed since Independence by way of “unsolicited proposals”? President Muhammadu Buhari came to power on the slogan of “Change” but he is still governing Nigeria unrelentingly with the instrument of “unsolicited proposals”. When loans are used to fund “unsolicited proposals” it is no different from gambling, high-stakes gambling. Any government that manages its affairs and vision with total dependence on “unsolicited proposals” is devoid strategic planning, structural effectiveness and reliable outcome expectations beyond the short-term; such is governance by improvisation [haphazard] and instantaneous expediency. Is this truly the way forward for Nigeria? (more…)

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Who Has Ever Seen The Nigerian Declaration of Independence?

Who Has Ever Seen The Nigerian Declaration of Independence?

It may surprise most Nigerians that there are disturbing questions over who has ever seen and read the contents of whatever document the “Nigerian Declaration of Independence“ (NDI). This is a part of the inquiry even if it does not standalone. It would be the document that contains the actual terms and conditions of the Independence of Nigeria from Britain, the handover conditions, not some bill.

If Nigeria has signed a legitimate NDI, how come no one seems to have ever seen it even 56 years after Independence? Or is it best kept as a secret? (more…)

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Senators: Enacting Laws to Make Corruption Profitable

Corruption is essentially a phenomenon that is highly secretive mostly because its perpetrators seek to avoid the consequences of detection, prosecution and conviction. In Nigeria, and for a long time corruption in high places has been both visible and morally-neutral because of the generous guarantee of impunity public officials readily enjoy. However, the impunity guaranteed by government inertia appears to be insufficient for thieving public officials. Nowadays, lawmakers actually enact bills to destroy those who have the temerity to detect, expose or prosecute their very own cases of corruption and enact bills to immunise themselves against detection and prosecution. Is there not supposed to be a “War Against Corruption” (WAC) going on in Nigeria? (more…)

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Loans Will Not Save Nigeria

Loans Will Not Save Nigeria: The Hidden Costs of Borrowing

President Muhammadu Buhari won many die-hard supporters purely because he refused to play the game of “begging bowl politics” at a time when Africa’s innumerable dictators were queuing up to take IMF / World Bank loans as global neoliberalism aggressively dictated. If Buhari had accepted the aggressively marketed neoliberal-induced loans, General Ibrahim Babangida might have never become president and Nigeria’s recent history different. Conversely, if Buhari had remained in office enduringly then with the “no loan” stance, Nigeria might be up there today with Botswana, a nation that rejected IMF / World Bank loans. However, Buhari, now a democratically elected president is actively courting loans from economic powers, the most recent being China. What happened? Egnahc? (more…)

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There Is No Fuel Scarcity Cartel in Nigeria

While there is a clearly identifiable oil production and exploration (E & P) ‘cartel’ constituted of mostly multinational corporations (with local clients) in the upstream sector of the Nigerian petroleum resources industry, such does not exist in the downstream sector relating to the distribution of fuel products. What causes fuel scarcity is the result of the actions and reactions of a ‘cabal’ of government officials and their clients in the private sector; such corporate clients are erroneously perceived as cartel members. (more…)

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Are Fraternities in Nigeria Cults?

Are Fraternities in Nigeria Cults? Try a Validated Checklist.

It is almost a rule that, as a member of the public, you will encounter UCGFs (University Campus Grown Fraternities). And their members will deny that they are cults or cult members, respectively, on any personal or media platform available to them. One would think that such is a practice of mere or strong ‘cult denialism.’ Because of the negative image it conjures in the minds of members of the public? Wrong. (more…)

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