Is Britain More Corrupt Than Nigeria?

Is Britain More Corrupt Than Nigeria?

Corruption occurs in every nation and at all levels in systemic and non-systemic forms. To compare corruption in Nigeria with that in Britain is equivalent to an episode of severe schizophrenia. Capital flight, as it functions in the arena of corruption, happens because of politicians in unstable economies. And where the monies are subject to seizure. They then taken the wealth to a “safe haven” nation [in Europe, America or the Middle East]. One that has a stable economy. And the wealth is safe from expropriation by nations of origin. Corruption and capital flight have damaged Nigeria with pernicious abandon. When will it stop? (more…)

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Devalued Naira or Devalued Republic?

Nigeria is still in its “supposed” anti-corruption mode from a governance perspective, but the current state of the economy is not going to permit its success no matter how hard the country tries or well-meaning the leaders might be. There is a highly overlooked aspect of corruption that directly results from macro-economic requirements, whether it is self-determined or imposed by multilateral agencies. The devaluation of currencies particularly in developing countries exacerbates the incidence of corruption. (more…)

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