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  1. Different thought, different perspective, different action, different outcome. That’s the way things change.
    My thoughts are that the discussions can commence among Attorney Generals of developing nations to author an international legislation that makes it illegal for developed nations or any nation to facilitate the plundering of treasuries of other nations or to keep stashes of stolen funds.
    As international boundaries continue to collapse, the impact of capital flight from developing nations will increasingly resonate Europe and America in the form of re-emergence of disease pathogens, violent extremism, trade and boundry disputations, social and political unrest and wars, all due to forced or voluntary migration.
    Just like the different international laws and conventions that litigate the relationship among nations, the frameworks for identifying and dealing with stolen money from national coffers can be painstakingly emplaced. This can be structured along the lines of any of the international coalitions to fight cyber crimes, forced labour, war crimes, etc.
    Sooner than later the rich (Europe and America) will not sleep safely because the poor (Africa and Middle East) are awake and hungry.