Who Eats Who: A Thing That Makes Nigeria Sweet?

When daily battles for survival, by any means possible, become a custom in a society, it is in deep trouble. Only societies experiencing hardships, a breakdown of law and order, and poor leadership have such customs. In Nigeria, such customs are evidence of democracy and the state not working. Daily public calls for reforms are not subject to consideration nor acted upon. Reversals are more likely than reform or progress. Who listens anyway? Policies only work to enrich the elites and take away whatever the weak can offer or ruled they can do without.

Acts of ‘human devour for survival’ are inhumane, but desperate human beings do them. Try warning a crocodile inches away from its prey of the reach of the International Court of Justice. Or telling a python, crushing a young child of mercy or stays of execution. Nigeria is a desperate society. Man Must Survive is a desperate slogan. Social devour carries a darkness along with it that keeps it safe from any light. Who will shine a light on it? Who will support that person?

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