Eradicating Ecocide: A Review

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  1. If ecocide is successfully eradicated it stands to reason that the economy as we know it would be finished. What would replace it? Like many virtuous ideas ecocide does not offer a realistic alternative to the status quo.

  2. I would love to see the laws of eradicating ecocide implemented very quickly and relentlessly in the Niger Delta. We need it like last year. God bless Polly Higgins, it is about time someone like her came along with such a great vision.

  3. I have just ordered the book but I have a fairly good idea of what the content would be. If ecocide can be stopped for real I wonder what the world would look like. Terence Mckenna did predict the world as we know it would dissappear in 2012 and suggested that time travel would be available in that year. I think introducing laws against ecocide would necissitate time travel so people can move back and forth in time to acquire resources and produce goods.

  4. Criminalising ecocide cannot stop it happening. I am a lawyer too and I know that making an activity criminal does not deter people from engaging it if it is in their best rational or irrational interest. Crimes against peace, humanity and the planet can never be stopped ever but can be limited if those who lead the free world support it uniformly and equitably. The United Nations is according to Fela Disunited Nations and so it is. United Nations can limit ecocide selectively in the advanced and pet countries but not in poor ones. Let us give ecocide prohibition and the workings of the United Nations a chance and assess the impact later.